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Asylum’s Further Travels

Thanks to Pat Montgomery of Archive Films, the late Don Krim of KINO International, Peter Robinson’s son Kenneth, and the folks at Anthology Film Archives, Asylum was dusted off in 1993 and has enjoyed a whole new life.  My “Laingian” and Polish paths crossed when I discovered that in the 1970s Poland had had its own parallel movements in psychiatry and psychotherapy. For Asylum this led to two major discussion/screenings in Warsaw, and a request for a description of life in Laing’s therapeutic commune as experienced by a mere cameraman, which has now appeared in Polish translation in a still-emerging seven-volume anthology on psychotherapy compiled by Warsaw University’s Department of Psychology.  My Polish friends may be interested to know – and some may be amused — that with the kind permission of the editors my article has also just come out somewhat more accessibly in the current issue Number 27/28 of the prominent left-wing quarterly Krytyka Polityczna, under the title “Six Weeks in a Madhouse”.


More on the South African hunch in due course.

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